Finally, WordPress 5.9 is Here

The much waited WordPress 5.9 named as “Josephine” with Full Site Editing (FSE) features is landed yesterday after some technical delay. Because I have been playing with it since its beta-1 release, I was familiar with its interface for a while.

I updated this site to WordPress 5.9 immediately this morning and nothing broke. Because this sites is powered a classic theme, I still have same access to “appearance” items (Themes, Customize, Widgets, Menu, Header & Background). I have Gutenberg plugin activated which allows me to write my post content with block editor.

Gutenberg v11.9 Release and Coming WordPress 5.9

The latest release of Gutenberg plugin v11.9.0 to be included with WordPress 5.9 release in December comes with much scaled down full site editing (FSE) features that were available for theme developers until the previous v11.8.2 release. Indeed this is much different experience for the theme development with FSE features. Reviewing Gutenberg 11.9, Justin Tadlock of WP Tavern writes […]

Twenty Twenty-two WordPress Default Theme Announced

A new WordPress default theme Twenty Twenty-two development that is expected released with WordPress 5.9 was announced yesterday. It’s development is lead by Automattic theme team members — Kjell Reigstad, design director and Jeff Ong, creative technologist. The announcement has received positive feedback on Twitter and as well as in the comments of the announcement.