A New WordPress Developer Blog

Recently, the official WordPress site has started a new “a developer-focused communications site” open-source WordPress Developer Blog. This is currently a Beta version, the official lunch is scheduled in two weeks.

In its announcement proposal, Birgit Pauli-Haak writes:

The Make Core blog has a heavy emphasis on meeting notes for the various core teams, rather than highlighting new features. This makes it difficult for developers who are not contributors or who just occasionally contribute to find the relevant information among the team-related posts.

The content focuses on updates for developers, extenders creating plugins and themes, and those who work with WordPress at an agency or as freelancers.

For contributors, here are links to How to contribute and Tips and Guidelines for Writers.

At the time of writing, the following three posts are published:

Twenty Twenty-Three: A New Kind of Default Theme

Starting discussion about Twenty Twenty-Three default theme, WordPress design contributor Channing Ritter proposed to have a new kind of default theme for 2023. The idea is to use a simplified version of TT2 theme as base (blank canvas) theme and modify its look with curated opinionated styles variation contributed by the WordPress community. Style variations, […]