Full Site Editing (FSE) Resources

As WordPress 5.8 release is nearing, WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE) outreach lead Anne McCarthy has prepared an excellent Full Site Editing Resources with full of helpful guides. This resourceful resource post is intended to both the speakers and theme authors as well including some answers to FAQ. FSE is collection of block features that add value to users as well as theme developers.

If you’re presenting to theme authors, you can use this to get a sense at a glance of what might be relevant from what to demo, what resources to share, what GitHub issues to highlight, and more.

Anne McCarthy

Anne writes that the forthcoming WordPress 5.8 release “is focused mainly on bringing tools to extenders with limited changes to the user experience. This includes theme.json, new theme blocks, design tools, and template editing mode.”

WordPress Turns Eighteen

On May 27, WordPress turned eighteen and celebrated its 18th birthday. While celebrating its another milestone birthday, Josepha wrote in the WordPress News: “Today marks the 18th anniversary of WordPress’ launch, a day that I fondly refer to as WordPress’ birthday, which means WordPress is 6,575 days old. To celebrate another turn around the sun, […]

WordPress and Wix Tensions

Two recent posts (one, two) in WordPress Tavern related to Wix‘s deceptive advertising practices got quite a buzz in the WordPress community. These two articles invited many comments from the Tavern readers. Matt mullenweg also wrote about recent Wix’s advertising practice in his own blog, which to received above 30 comments. There is a very […]

Block-based Theme Watch

In a previous post, I book marked Phoenix a block-based experimental themes. Since there have been following two very interesting block-based themes have been released through WordPress themes directory: Eksell: This theme is created by Anders Norén, author and lead developer of Twenty Twenty theme. The Eksell theme has received very high praise by Justin […]

Who Pays for Writing Technical Articles?

A lot of web developers write their development notes, learning notes in the form of blog posts and publish on their personal sites. While some other technologist write tutorials, docs as freelance technical writers in tech sites. The open source software development and the practice of sharing experiences by well recognized developers have been a […]

Gutenberg Watch

Gutenberg v10.0 Marks 100th Release

The recent Gutenberg v10 released marked its 100th release. Celebrating the occasion, Riad Benguella reflects the journey that that started more than four years ago when Matt announced the project at WordCamp US 2016.

The past four years have not always been an easy journey. Shipping something this impactful is not easy, and there was precedent for keeping the editor as it was: WordPress had already tried to replace TinyMCE a couple of times already. What would be different this time around? The worry was “not much” and initially, very few people actively joined the project.

Riad Benguella in WordPress Blog

Highlighting its current status, Benguella writes “We have also made quite a few mistakes: stability wasn’t great in some releases, performance suffered in others, and accessibility as well. But we kept pushing forward, using feedback to improve the editor and the project in all aspects until its first inclusion in WordPress 5.0, and we’re still working to improve it today.”

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