Gutenberg Adds Two New Alignment Classes

New WordPress alignment classes introduced by Gutenberg. Currently WordPress uses three alignment classes – .alignleft, .alignright and .aligncenter. Gutenberg is adding two more additional classes – .alignwide and .alignfull. Usage and Behavior These styles are based on the assumption that you wrap your entire site’s content in a .site div and limit the maximum width […]


When I was becoming a front-end developer ≈10 years ago, knowing `border-radius: 5px;` made you a rockstar. I do not envy today’s beginners.Harry Roberts

Sound so familiar to me too. I remember my own struggling days!

Gutenberg Watch

Benjamin Intal, author of Page Builder Sandwich, has an opinion post A Page Builder Creator’s Opinion of Gutenberg  in his website. It provides very practical & useful opinion about Gutenberg and opines that its Gutenberg’s final destination is Site Building through page building. When first glance of it, that is what I thought too.

Opinion presented in this post has been updated with another post A Page Builder Creator’s Opinion: Embrace Gutenberg with a list of useful resources.