A primer on JavaScript SEO for WordPress

The Yoast blog has a very interesting and useful detailed documentation on JavaScript SEO for the WordPress. The documentation discusses single page application (SPA) as well as headless WordPress too.

The technologies which power the web, and which power parts of WordPress, are changing. It’s increasingly common for developers to use JavaScript to make our websites behave more and more like apps. Done well, these approaches create rich, interactive experiences. When built poorly, they can be catastrophic for SEO.

Yoast Website

“JavaScript SEO is a huge, complex, and technical topic – and exploring its relationship with WordPress adds even more moving parts,” writes Yoast digital strategist Jono Alderson.


Future of Open Internet

In the Mozilla blog, Mitchell Baker and others have an useful whitepaper titled “Reimagine Open: Building Better Internet Experiences“. They write “The internet is at a crossroads. After decades of rapid growth and global contribution to the human condition, today many are questioning the health of the internet. At such a time it is natural to examine the first principles that many consider key features of the internet as a medium.”

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