About This Site

Why Yet Another Blog site?  Good question. Because I am a passionate WordPress learner, I dig internet whenever I get time and surf WordPress core, WP Tavern and couple of WordPress developers to get myself updated. If I find inspring posts, tutorials, code snippets etc then I take a note & document in a my-journal site in a local server. Slowly, I  plan to sort out & transfer some of my-journal posts into this blog site. My current learning interests include:

  • CSS Grid Layout/ Flexbox Layout
  • Gutenberg Editor & Gutenberg Blocks
  • React JS & JavaScript
  • General internet & technology
A Personal Project

This site is my personal project, designed primarily for my own purpose where I could make status or aside note, save inspiring quote(s), make link of inspiring posts or articles for future learning or reference.

  1. Testing Khasera Theme: While organizing contents, I also have another goal – to tweak the theme for errors or improvement. Since I visit this site couple of times a day, I constantly tweak it or make a note for improvement.
  2. Adding Additional features:  As part of my CSS Grid learning, I plan to add additional features when I find inspiring tutorial posts, articles or snippets etc
  3. Resources List: I plan to prepare lists of resources on Gutenberg editor, GSS Grid / Flexbox layout and any other inspiring posts.

The theme & site content is Work-in-progress and intended for personal use. Some contents & resources may NOT be verified for accuracy & citations/credits for material used in the site may still be INCOMPLETE. Though intended personal but if you find useful too, just ENJOY!