Future of Open Internet

In the Mozilla blog, Mitchell Baker and others have an useful whitepaper titled “Reimagine Open: Building Better Internet Experiences“. They write “The internet is at a crossroads. After decades of rapid growth and global contribution to the human condition, today many are questioning the health of the internet. At such a time it is natural to examine the first principles that many consider key features of the internet as a medium.”

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One Thing Web Builders Learned in 2020

The CSS-Tricks ran a 2020 year-end thought series and asked web builders the same question: What is one thing you learned about building websites this year? Chris wrapped the series with a list of authors who responded to his call and what they told.

A read the series everyday, and one of my favorites one is from Natalya Shelburne‘s post  2020 was not a good year for learning. In the post she discuss

I spent almost a decade teaching design and, let me tell you, the conditions for curiosity were all wrong this year. You are not alone if you’ve found yourself battling brain fog, deep existential crisis, and long spans of nothingness instead of basking in a creative renaissance. I spent most of this year in a tiny apartment under a terrifying lockdown in epicenter-of-the-pandemic New York with my husband, two cats, and a very energetic toddler. I’ll save the details for a therapist, but let’s just say this year did not go as planned. Natalya Shelburne in the CSS-Tricks

In the post, Natalya writes “This has been a deeply unsustainable year for so many. Showing up and making it through each day and making any progress is enough. Not giving up and trying again, day after day, is success.”


Future of WordPress vs Jamstack Debate

Since the Jamstack popularity is slowly gaining popularity especially among developers, sharp competing views on the WordPress vs Jamstack are appearing in blog posts. On that context, a recent blog post by Netlify‘s co-founder Matt Biilmann is interesting. Many JavaScript, Node.js, React developers find the WordPress CMS blotted and buggy, whereas WordPress CMS user community […]

Future of WordPress

There are two interesting posts on WordPress worth noting. In Nellosofware blog, Antonio Villegas predicts a bright future for WordPress. In another Stackbit blog, Ohad Eder-Pressman writes an open letter to the Matt Mullenweg about the perception of WordPress lead developers about Jamstack. A Bright Future for WordPress In the post A Bright Future For […]


Hello WordPress, My Old Friend

Chris Wiegman writes on his blog his reasoning for returning to the WordPress is the new block editor. The block editor, though controversial in the beginning, seems to be winning back the hearts and minds of many WordPress users.

Although GatsbyJs, Hugo, Jekyll are buzzwords for many web developers and migrating their blogs from the WordPress to such more developer friendly static sites. One of the main attractions of these static sites is that they are lean, fast, developer friendly, and more secure from hackers. However, most static site generator frameworks are not as robust as the WordPress, now some developers are returning to the WordPress.

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Contributing To Positive Change is Difficult

In a Smashing magazine posts titled #BlackLivesMatter, Vitaly Friedman (co-founder and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine) writes that “contributing to positive change is difficult, but it’s the right pursuit, no matter how much effort it takes”.

Writing about the currently ongoing protests in US and around the world highlighting ‘injustice, denial of opportunity, and inequality’ in black and other minority ‘non-white’ communities Mr Friedman stand behind firmly to more diverse lineup to the magazine and conferences.

We stand firmly behind the Black Lives Matter movement. We stand strongly behind introducing a wide range of Black voices to Smashing publications and conferences. We remain committed to providing a platform for the Black community to use our platform to make their voices heard. The entire team is committed to introducing and promoting the work of underrepresented people in our community, and to bringing a more diverse lineup to the magazine and conferences. Vitaly Friedman Smashing Magazine

Other larger tech companies including Apple CEO Tim Cook have started publicly speaking up on racism in America.

Gutenberg-block Based Themes

Full Site Editing with Gutenberg Block Editor is said to be one of the main goals of current Gutenberg block development. Development of Gutenberg-block based themes and their experimental use have started appearing in WordPress core development blogs. Riad Benguella, one of the Gutenberg developers writes in his personal blog I’m using a block-based theme. […]