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Sarah Drasner, an award-winning Speaker, Senior Developer Advocate at Microsoft, and Staff Writer at CSS-Tricks, has a very thoughtfully written post on Mourning as a Developer in Medium. I can relate one of her experience: coding as a distraction to mine too. While I am learning WordPress & JavaScript it helps to get distracted from other things. It has been very helpful as well as productive get away for me too!


In the old days I think people believed information was power and often withheld information to use for personal advantage, but I believe shared information is power. Gen. Ann Dunwoody
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CSS Blocks and OptiCSS from LinkedIn

LinkedIn‘s has announced new open source projects on CSS Performance named CSS Blocks and OptiCSS. The CSS Blocks is an “ergonomic, component-oriented CSS authoring system that produces high-performance stylesheets“. How to use CSS Blocks documentation and source code is available in CSS Blocks GitHub. The OptiCSS is a general-purpose CSS optimization library runs with CSS Blocks framework but could also be used with other CSS framework.