WordCamp 2017 – Gutenberg is the Way to WordPress

This post list interesting posts from the 2017 WordCamp USA. This weekend WordCamp US 2017 at Nashville (Dec 1-3) Gutenberg was officially introduced as New Way to WordPress. This updated page to provides answers to several loudly raised questions by some vocal community members including short codes, custom post types & meta boxes. Interesting Presentations: […]

Gutenberg Adds Two New Alignment Classes

New WordPress alignment classes introduced by Gutenberg. Currently WordPress uses three alignment classes – .alignleft, .alignright and .aligncenter. Gutenberg is adding two more additional classes – .alignwide and .alignfull. Usage and Behavior These styles are based on the assumption that you wrap your entire site’s content in a .site div and limit the maximum width […]

Gutenberg Watch

Benjamin Intal, author of Page Builder Sandwich, has an opinion post A Page Builder Creator’s Opinion of Gutenberg  in his website. It provides very practical & useful opinion about Gutenberg and opines that its Gutenberg’s final destination is Site Building through page building. When first glance of it, that is what I thought too.

Opinion presented in this post has been updated with another post A Page Builder Creator’s Opinion: Embrace Gutenberg with a list of useful resources.

Learning Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg ‘Blocks‘ are the building blocks of the new forthcoming WordPress editor named Gutenberg. It is stated in Gutenberg vision statement that Everything is Block. Therefore, learning ‘Blocks’ deeply is very important to customize WordPress theme development. Everything is a block. Text, images, galleries, widgets, shortcodes, and even chunks of custom HTML, no matter if […]