Gutenberg – Learning Resources

There is no doubt in my mind that Gutenberg editor (under development) is going to replace current TinyMCE WordPress editor in WordPress Updates. There is also loud & screamy resistance is being expressed about this change mostly by developers & WordPress agencies to retain the current status. However, from users perspective this change is log time overdue.

To take advantage of this forth coming new phase of WordPress experience, we need to learn about this new editor and be part of this development so that we all can contribute our share and make better WordPress user experience for all.

In this post, I am putting together a personal lists of useful resource links to understand & learn about Gutenberg editor, how block works, and creating or customizing blocks.

What is Gutenberg?
  1. Introduction to Gutenberg
  2. Gutenberg Design Principles & Vision
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. How to Build Blocks
  5. Gutenberg, or the Ship of Theseus – Matias Ventura (
  6. Gutenberg posts aren’t HTML… – Denis Snell (
Why Gutenberg?
  1. Building a Site That is Right for You – Mel Choyce
  2. Gutenberg – A New WordPress Editing Experience In The Making – Coyey (
Understanding Blocks
  1. How Little Blocks Work – Matias Ventura
  2. Editor Technical Overview – Matias Ventura
Gutenberg & Its JS Library
  1. Gutenberg: A Change of Vue? – Edwin Cromley
  1. Back to Childhood: Blocks are the Future – Mel Choyce
  2. Blueprint of a Block – Joen Asmussen (
  3. Add Blocks – Custom Menu – Mel Choyce (
  4. Add Block: Custom HTML – Joen Asmussen (
  5. Documentation: Creating Blocks, Reference and Guidelines
  6. Shortcode shortcomings – Denis Snell (
Gutenberg Tutorials
  1. How to Build Your Next Site With the Revolutionary Editor – by Colin Newcomer. A beginner’s WordPress Gutenberg Guide.
  2. Gutenberg design basics – by Tammie Lister. A guide to the names and the expected behavior of some of the basic Gutenberg editor design elements.