Gutenberg Nightly Branch With Playground

I often find myself turning to Gutenberg Nightly build to explore and test the latest WordPress development features. My preferred go-to source for accessing it has long been a post on Gutenberg Times. The post contains useful download links for Gutenberg Nightly and others, curated by Birgit, as well as testing instructions.

Almost every morning, I build a new zip from trunk unless git merge upstream/trunk, indicates, everything is up-to-date. I call this version Gutenberg Nightly analog to WordPress Nightly in the Beta Tester plugin.

– Birgit Pauli-Haack, Gutenberg Times

After downloading these features, I often lose track of the original link. Whenever a new Gutenberg release comes out, I usually update to that version, and causing the GB Nightly version gets lost in the process. And so, the cycle continues.

I thought of making my own archival post with useful links, following Birgit’s Gutenberg Times post.

The resources below have been sourced from Gutenberg Times:

1. Download Gutenberg Nightly in Playground

2. Download Gutenberg Nightly as a .zip file

3. Updates are made possible via Git Updater plugin, a plugin by Andy Fragen

4. Gutenberg Nightly via GitHub

I hope that this archived post provides me find the latest Gutenberg Nightly more easily.