Building React Blog SPA – A Long-Term Project

Note: This post is part of Building React Blog SPA – my react learning by doing project series. This post is work-in-progress and will be updated regularly.

While learning React Components, I have been creating react components to build a React Blog Post from scratch. As part of learning by doing project, I have created blog post skeleton with <Header>, <Footer>, <Navigation> & <BlogPost> as static site components as well as with create-react-app development environment with functional (stateless) as well as Class components.

In a recent post ReactJs & JavaScript Learning Roadmap for 2019, I re-evaluated my react learning approach and mapped my tentative learning roadmap for 2019 and Building React Blog SPA is one of the goals.

In a blog post  How I Became a Better Programmer, James Long encourages to take on big project and get uncomfortable while learning react or improving other coding skills. Inspired by his post, the React Blog SPA project will become my main react learning project for 2019 & beyond.

The objective of this learning project series to document my step by step learning to create a react blog SPA from scratch.

Learning Project Series
Part 1: Series Introduction (this post)
Part 2: Creating Skeleton React Blog Component (visit demo here).
Part 3: Creating Blog Listing component (visit demo site here)
Part 4: Adding Basic Routing (visit demo site here)
Part 5: Fetching External Data with REST API
Part 6: In progress

As I learn new react features, the React Blog SPA project will be updated. At the end of my Learning React Basics, I plan to have a functional React Blog SPA site with (i) multiple page (views) with nested routing, (ii) CRUD post list, and (iii) forms to add new post contents. Its design will evolve as I make progress with my learning progress.