This is so true! while learning and working on my learning-note posts, some day I spend entire day on googling & reading different resources and writing few sentences only. Yes! learning is frustrating process.


Two days before, I wrote my thought-post on JavaScript Functions after I got confused with function scope & hoisting and felt like I got stocked forever. To-day I came across very inspirational article A Lifetime of Learning to Code in medium.

To quote from Tyler Elliot Bettilyon’s post:

If you don’t understand any .. general principles then you may have to understand this code from scratch — and that’s a lot harder.

We all start our careers knowing relatively little. Hopefully we finish them knowing quite a lot more.

Tyler reminds in his post that learning & mastering a programming language takes about 10-years. This also is a great reminder that getting frustrated after three-months of learning is not realistic.

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