JavaScript Learning | July-September, 2018

Note: This post is part of my JavaScript learning progress series.  Link to my learning progress for the first and second quarter are available here: First Quarter (2018), Second Quarter (2018).

At the beginning of year 2018, I had set a goal of learning JavaScript (JS) deeply to improve my JS skills. Here are links to my JS learning progress for the First quarter (Jan-March) and Second quarter (April-June). This post is overview of my learning/coding progress for the third quarter (July-September) of 2018.

Third Quarter Goals

I had set the following learning goals for the third quarter (July-September) of 2018:

JS Topics Covered

This quarter my focus was deep learning JS arrow functions, iterations & loops, getter / setter methods and progress is outlined below:

Learning in Progress

It seems like that I have been bugged down in figuring out in clearest term about – JS closures, execution context and concepts like function stack, scope chain etc. I have been reading blog posts, tutorials and getting even more confused. I plan to demystify JS closure & execution context in separate posts.

Non-JS Topics Covered

Most of my interest in coding is non JS, though I am focused currently on learning JS deeply. During my learning down time, I skipped to the following:

  • My Notes. This site is my personal dedicated note taking site, designed primarily to document my ideas, thoughts, blog drafts, idea board etc. This site was inspired by Automattic’s Simplenote site. The site is powered by Pandhak Theme, adopted from my Khesara theme with CSS Grid layout with some modification.
  • Try Gutenberg. This is Gutenberg powered test site. Main objective of this site is to post all the content with Gutenberg editor only and document learning-experience & tips. Inspired by the official Try Gutenberg call out, it seems that the Gutenberg editor is ready for test and dedicated Gutenberg test sites: My Notes and Try Gutenberg.
  • Magazine style featured page header design: My goal here was to design a magazine-style featured page template, inspired by the New York Time featured page, or The Washington Post featured pages.
  • Index (front) page for Pandhak theme: This was inspired by the Jekyll Tale theme index page. This index page template retains most styles from my other themes with animated hover link styles.
  • Gutenberg editor practice: Because the new Gutenberg editor is fundamentally different than the current Classic (TinyMCE) text editor, there are many new features that requires learning & practicing. This is an attempt to start documented practice learning.
Some Thoughts
  • Deep Dive Learning: Last quarter I decided to learned more deeply. This process was good overall but less productive perhaps. On some occasions, I felt like I was too bug-down on a single topic looking for perfect answers. Which was not bad but I also felt that I wasted unwanted time on a single topic. Learning advice from Richard Bovell : “learn mostly how the concept applies in the real world. Once you understand the concept adequately, use it in the context of building a real project“.
  • Morten’s advise on learning JavaScript: On his 40th birthday questions answers series, while answering to one of his questioners, Morten suggested that to learn JS through simple concepts first (eg. DOM) and then slowly build up knowledge from solving problem point of view – then learning everything!
  • On my Learning : I must make some tweaking and not bug-down into a pigeon hole. Plan to learn thorough but productive.
Goals for the Next 3-months

My goal for the next 3-months (and beyond) will be to continue deep learning JS with an emphasis on ES6 features & DOM (document object model) including the following topics:

Inspiring Posts
  • Learning How to Learn: The Most Important Developer Skill by Preethi Kasireddy. This post really resonated me at my core especially (i) Learning is a process and not a goal, and (ii) Turning learning into an engaging process. As a result I am writing a separate posts about – How I am learning to Code.
  • Mourning as a Developer – by Sarah Drasner | Medium. I can relate one of her experiences: coding as a distraction. While I am learning WordPress & JavaScript it helps to get distracted from other things that are going on. It has been very helpful as well as productive get away for me!
Developers and Blog Sites

I found the following tutorials & blog sites useful for writing / organizing my learning-posts.


  • Lucy Bain | Website | GitHub
    Useful blog posts on ReactJS and JavaScript.
  • Sarah Drasner | Twitter | Website | GitHub
    Award-winning speaker. Sr. Developer Microsoft. vue.js Core Team, Writer at  CSS-Tricks,
  • Nicolas C. Zakas | Twitter | Website | GitHub
    Writer, speaker and very good source on JS learning. One of the best JavaScript authors.
  • Kirupa | Website | Twitter | Github
    A writer and developer at Microsoft. Good learning materials on his website.

WordPress & Gutenberg

Interesting Articles

Wrapping Up

My learning experience in the 3rd quarter was different than than my previous quarters. Because the topics covered in this quarter were more advance and often I felt like intense and bug-down on a single topic. As also stated in my previous learning progress post: “I am fully aware that learning any programming language without previous programming background is not easy. Kleo Petrov has succinctly written that it is even scarier to professional developers.” The following suggestion from Richard Bovell is timely.

What you really need to know is mostly how the concept applies in the real world. Once you understand the concept adequately, use it in the context of building a real project and its meaning will emerge and hit you about the head, and you will get it right away. Or, at least you will better understand its relevance in a real-world application. Richard Bovell
Teaching Yourself to Code

As also stated in my previous progress overview, the next three-months to end of the year is crucial, I plan to continue to stay focused. Happy Coding!