ReactJs & JavaScript Learning Roadmap for 2019

Note: This post is part of my JavaScript (JS) and ReactJs learning roadmap series. This post is work-in-progress and will be updated regularly.

In a previous post JavaScript Fundamentals Knowledge & React Learning, I reviewed my JavaScript & React learning. In the post I wrote my React Learning approach as (i) learning by doing and (ii) strengthen JS fundamentals by reverse engineering.

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Re-evaluating React Learning approach

As I wrote in my previous post, I seem to better learn through projects and power of repetition. I plan to continue learning react through simple react projects and simultaneously strengthening JS fundamentals through the following books, blog tutorials, and learning videos.

React Learning Roadmap for 2019

My broad React learning goals include:

  • Creating React CRUD App
  • Learning Fetch API & fetch() method
  • Connecting React App to REST API
  • React SPA with WordPress REST API
  • Building React App on the top of WordPress Rest API

This section is still work in progress !

Building React Blog SPA

The React Blog SPA project that I have been working as learning project will be a long-term learning react project for 2019 & beyond. As I learn new react features the React Blog site will be updated accordingly. At the end of my Learning React Basics, I plan to have a functional React Blog SPA site with (i) multiple page (views)  with nested routing, (ii) CRUD post list. Its design will evolve as I make progress with my learning progress.

React Learning Resources

The following work-in-progress list of learning resources was prepared after reviewing the listed post or articles and considered useful for my current learning goals.

Fetch API
Axios API
React SPAs & WordPress REST API
Learning JavaScript Fundamentals

1. ES6 Promise: The JS Promises are important in Web API like Fetch API and Service Workers.