Resources on JavaScript Learning Projects

Note: This page is still work-in-progress and still in active development and updated regularly. It was inspired by Jessica Eldredge, Elyse Holladay, Amit Ranan and many others developers that I follow.

Learning any programming language involves lots of practice. Often I come across in many JS learning tutorials is “to do projects”. It is advised that projects are often a great way to learn any coding language. In a SitePoint post Yaphi Berhanu argues that Projects Can Sometimes Be the Worst Way to Learn JavaScript.

One of the most common ways people fail to learn JavaScript is to jump into a project before knowing enough of the basics to understand what’s reasonable. Yaphi Berhanu, SitePoint

The purpose of this post is to bookmark simple JS projects for hands-on learning and make my JS learning as fun and productive.

Some Practice Project Ideas

Note: This post is in still work-in-progress.

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