Lev Grossman’s Best Advice for aspiring writers

Author of the bestselling Magicians trilogy and journalist at Time magazine, Lev Grossman has following advise for aspiring writers:

  • Get your stuff in on time.
  • Don’t write anything that you wouldn’t say out loud – don’t say “perhaps,” say “maybe.” Don’t say “yet” when you mean “but.” And so on.
  • Read read read, all you can, all the time. Don’t worry about other people influencing you, that’s a good thing. Your voice will still be your own.
  • Write write write. Writing is a craft not a gift. You have to practice.
  • Get lots of sleep. 6. Make an outline.
  • Don’t assume other people are smarter than you, or more talented than you, or more magic than you. Nobody knows anything. Everybody’s faking it.

Source: What’s Lev Grossman’s best advice for aspiring writers, both journalists and novelists? | Quora Forum