Hello WordPress, My Old Friend

Chris Wiegman writes on his blog his reasoning for returning to the WordPress is the new block editor. The block editor, though controversial in the beginning, seems to be winning back the hearts and minds of many WordPress users.

Although GatsbyJs, Hugo, Jekyll are buzzwords for many web developers and migrating their blogs from the WordPress to such more developer friendly static sites. One of the main attractions of these static sites is that they are lean, fast, developer friendly, and more secure from hackers. However, most static site generator frameworks are not as robust as the WordPress, now some developers are returning to the WordPress.

What is New

Contributing To Positive Change is Difficult

In a Smashing magazine posts titled #BlackLivesMatter, Vitaly Friedman (co-founder and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine) writes that “contributing to positive change is difficult, but it’s the right pursuit, no matter how much effort it takes”.

Writing about the currently ongoing protests in US and around the world highlighting ‘injustice, denial of opportunity, and inequality’ in black and other minority ‘non-white’ communities Mr Friedman stand behind firmly to more diverse lineup to the magazine and conferences.

We stand firmly behind the Black Lives Matter movement. We stand strongly behind introducing a wide range of Black voices to Smashing publications and conferences. We remain committed to providing a platform for the Black community to use our platform to make their voices heard. The entire team is committed to introducing and promoting the work of underrepresented people in our community, and to bringing a more diverse lineup to the magazine and conferences. Vitaly Friedman Smashing Magazine

Other larger tech companies including Apple CEO Tim Cook have started publicly speaking up on racism in America.

Gutenberg-block Based Themes

Full Site Editing with Gutenberg Block Editor is said to be one of the main goals of current Gutenberg block development. Development of Gutenberg-block based themes and their experimental use have started appearing in WordPress core development blogs. Riad Benguella, one of the Gutenberg developers writes in his personal blog I’m using a block-based theme. […]

WordPress Turned Seventeen To-day

WordPress turns Seventeen to-day! WordPress community is celebrating its birthday. In Celebrate Seventeen post, its co-creator Matt Mullenweg writes: May 27th, 17 years ago, the first release of WordPress was put into the world by Mike Little and myself. It did not have an installer, upgrades, WYSIWYG editor (or hardly any Javascript), comment spam protection, […]

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Responsive Design Turns Ten

The the original Responsive Design article by Ethan Marcotte turns ten to-day. The article was published on May 10, 2010 at A List Apart. The article author Ethan recalls behind the development of “responsive design” and how it was developed in a 1oth Birthday post titled “Responsive web design turns ten“. A very interesting read!

In the article Ethan writes that he is writing other articles too in the series to commemorate the occasion.

To commemorate things, I’m working on a few blog entries that’ll be looking at different parts of responsive design: what’s changed in the last ten years, what hasn’t, and where the idea might be going next. Ethan Marcotte

General, Inspirational

Writing Technical Articles

An author, editor, member of the CSS Working Group Rachel Andrew has a post titled Writing technical articles: Defining your ideal reader in her blog site. It’s an inspiring posts from a accomplished writer & editor.

Rachel writes in her post “over the years I’ve absorbed a lot of information in terms of what works when writing tutorial content, and one thing I keep coming back to is that you need to know who the ideal reader of your piece is”.

Next time you start writing, or creating a presentation, or tutorial video, first consider the question who is this for? Answering that will make all the difference. Rachel Andrew