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Firefox DevTools – Flexbox & CSS Grid Inspectors

The Firefox’s new Flexbox Inspector tool designed by Firefox’s DevTools design team is arriving with FireFox 65. This together with CSS Grid Inspector will greatly facilitate web layout design using CSS Grid and/or Flexbox. MDN Documents has created excellent guides for CSS Grid Layout and CSS Flexible Box Layout.

Victoria Wang, a UX designer and Firefox DevTools team member at Mozilla, has an excellent behind the screen post on Designing the Flexbox Inspector, a must read for Firefox Devtools users.

WordPress 5.0 With Gutenberg

This post lists selected project on Gutenberg-based project in development. This post is updated regularly, in work-in-progress. Despite of some very loud vocal criticism of Gutenberg integration into the WordPress core, a plan for WordPress 5 with Gutenberg release is announced yesterday. Because this is a major development & disruptive release, it is being rolled […]

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Sarah Drasner, an award-winning Speaker, Senior Developer Advocate at Microsoft, and Staff Writer at CSS-Tricks, has a very thoughtfully written post on Mourning as a Developer in Medium. I can relate one of her experience: coding as a distraction to mine too. While I am learning WordPress & JavaScript it helps to get distracted from other things. It has been very helpful as well as productive get away for me too!


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