WordPress Turned Seventeen To-day

WordPress turns Seventeen to-day! WordPress community is celebrating its birthday. In Celebrate Seventeen post, its co-creator Matt Mullenweg writes:

May 27th, 17 years ago, the first release of WordPress was put into the world by Mike Little and myself. It did not have an installer, upgrades, WYSIWYG editor (or hardly any Javascript), comment spam protection, clean permalinks, caching, widgets, themes, plugins, business model, or any funding. Matt Mullenweg

As I wrote in its sixteenth birthday note last year,  ‘WordPress has become part of my life style as I don’t remember a single day that I don’t use it. It is also fascinating to watch how it is being improved on a daily basis’. It did so more during the past yeat with Gutenberg editor.

In Happy 17th, WordPress, Justin Tadlock of WordPress Tavern writes a beautiful birthday note post urging all community members to write something.

My addition to his list would be to hop over to your WordPress website and write a blog post. It can be anything. Write in celebration of WordPress turning 17. Write about your children, cats, or dogs. Share your feelings surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Whatever it is, just write. Justin Tadlock

As we celebrate this happy occasion, we shouldn’t forget this day in history that to-day (May 27) total COVID-19 deaths of Americans crossed 100,000 according to the Johns Hopkins University database.

US Covid-19 deaths reach 100,000

To-day US death tolls from Covid-19 reached more than 100, 000. ‘The marker of 100,000 deaths comes less than three months after the first American was reported to have died. The people most ravaged are those whose suffering often is unseen — the elderly, African Americans and working poor’ write the Washington Post.

Dr. William Schaffner, a professor in the Infectious Diseases Division at the Vanderbilt University Medical Cente told to the CNN said he was in “deep mourning” as US reached the deadly milestone of 100,000 Covid-19 deaths Wednesday.

I’m in deep mourning as a person. I’m in deep mourning as a clinician, and also as a person who works in public health. Many of these deaths could have been prevented, but going forward, we want to prevent many, many more deaths, right? Dr Schaffner talking to CNN

Talking to CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront, Dr Schaffner said ‘Prevention comes in the form of remaining home as much as possible. Wear a face masks. Obey the six-foot separation rule to avoid physical interaction with others. Good hand hygiene is important. Be careful about who is allowed to visit. People aged 65 and older should pay particular attention to the guidelines’.

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