24 New Web Design Posts in 24 Ways 2017 December Issue

24 WAYS, a yearly online journal which began in 2005 targeting web geeks, appears every December 1 with a new articles everyday for next 24 days. It publishes 24 very interesting articles on web design & web development.

To-day is December 1 and it’s 2017 issue of 24 Ways time. Next 24 days, we will enjoy a new article on Web Design for next 24 days. There are very interesting articles in the previous issues.  For this year, I will lists the posts that I am interested to learn in coming year 2018.

Selected List of Posts from 2017 December Issue
  1. Cascading Web Design with Feature QueriesChen Hui Jing. In this article Chen guide us how to make use of CSS Feature Queries using At-Rules in web development.
  2. Lint the Web Forward With SonarwhalStephanie Drescher. In this posts Stephanie discusses about Sonarwal, a web tool to check best practices in five categories: Accessibility, Interoperability, Performance, PWAs, and Security.
  3. Web Content Accessibility GuidelinesAlan Dalton. In this post Alan discusses importance web accessibility and provides guideline for web developers & designers. Sami Keijonen in his guest post Building an Inclusive Web: Why Accessibility Matters offers his ideas about web accessibility and why it is important for all developers to follow web accessibility guidelines.
  4. Levelling Up for Junior DevelopersDean Hume. This post is very resourceful with tons of useful links to become a better web developer.
  5. Automating Your Accessibility TestsSeren Davies. In this article Seren provides very useful tool (pa11y), tips & snippets for automating accessibility tests for a site.
  6. Styling Components – Typed CSS With StylableBruce Lawson. Bruce introduces CSS-in-JS concept for CSS pre-processing (like LESS, SCSS do) called Stylable. It is being used in Wix Engineering.
  7. Teach the CLI to Talk BackAnna Debenham. Interesting article by Anna about overcoming fear of using CLI (an essential tool for all developers.
  8. Design Systems and CSS GridStuart Robson. In this article Stuart discusses grid system (old system with column) and new CSS Grid and applies CSS Grid layout to create a marketing page. A great tutorial article.
  9. Getting Hardboiled with CSS Custom PropertiesAndy Clarke. In this article Andy explains how to use CSS Custom property without browser support.
  10. Why Design Systems FailUna Kravets. A good discussion of web design system and why it fails?
  11. Accessibility Through Semantic HTMLLaura Kalbag. In this article Laura discusses the importance of using simple un-bloated semantic HTML structure for better design & accessibility.
  12. Care and Feeding of BurnoutJessica Rose. Professional or general burnout doing too much for too long time is common phenomenon most hardworking individuals. Jessica provides guidelines to recover from this work fatigue.
  13. Refactoring Your Way to a Design System – by Mina Markham. Mina has very useful tips for all web designers & developers.