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Responsive Design Turns Ten

The the original Responsive Design article by Ethan Marcotte turns ten to-day. The article was published on May 10, 2010 at A List Apart. The article author Ethan recalls behind the development of “responsive design” and how it was developed in a 1oth Birthday post titled “Responsive web design turns ten“. A very interesting read!

In the article Ethan writes that he is writing other articles too in the series to commemorate the occasion.

To commemorate things, I’m working on a few blog entries that’ll be looking at different parts of responsive design: what’s changed in the last ten years, what hasn’t, and where the idea might be going next. Ethan Marcotte

Flex Box

Firefox DevTools – Flexbox & CSS Grid Inspectors

The Firefox’s new Flexbox Inspector tool designed by Firefox’s DevTools design team is arriving with FireFox 65. This together with CSS Grid Inspector will greatly facilitate web layout design using CSS Grid and/or Flexbox. MDN Documents has created excellent guides for CSS Grid Layout and CSS Flexible Box Layout.

Victoria Wang, a UX designer and Firefox DevTools team member at Mozilla, has an excellent behind the screen post on Designing the Flexbox Inspector, a must read for Firefox Devtools users.