ClassicPress – A WordPress Fork Without Gutenberg

The development of WordPress Gutenberg editor has been controversial from the day it was announced by Matt Mullenweg beginning of 2017. Since then a small but vocal noisy group of WordPress community members, WordPress 1% according to Morten Rand-Hendriksen, have emerged against it and are doing everything to slowdown, or stop it completely.

There is no question that this project is a disruptive initiative and most WordPress-based agencies will be be affected by it involving lot of cost and redoing their customers sites. But for ordinary users, its getting used to it. Unlike other software development, which happens behind the scene, Gutenberg is being built in open with its distributed core developer team in the lead. Just like any controversial public policies in democratic societies, the Gutenberg editor development has become very controversial.

Last week, a hard fork of current 4.9.8 version of WordPress named as ClassicPress was born as protest. Its interesting to observe how this initiative will effect current Gutenberg editor development. Following posts are useful resources to follow on this new initiative.

Note: This post is under development and additional resources will be added when available.