CSS-Tricks is Acquired by Digital Ocean

Yesterday, CSS-Tricks — one of my go-to-website for any CSS related stuffs in my earlier learning to code days and still now — was acquired by the Digital Ocean, a cloud hosting provider popular among developers and resource site.

It was my most trusted go to website for a long time, and I had fallen in love with Chris’s very informal way of writing style (everyday folk). Robin Rendle writes very eloquently what is my mind too.

I can’t think of another website that I’ve grown up with that’s continued to be such an important part of my life. Whenever I’ve been stuck on a front-end problem or whenever I hit a snag with something, there is an almost 100% chance that Chris would’ve already written about the problem and the 18 different solutions to it.

Rabin Rendle, CSS-Tricks Contributor

I had recently started writing guest articles on CSS-Tricks too including, this recent article, which was listed as one of the popular articles of the month too. The article got mentioned in yesterday’s news posts on WP Tavern.

The archives include 1,475 articles that relate to WordPress in one way or another, with many helpful tutorials like A Deep Introduction to WordPress Block Themes.

Sarah Gooding on WP Tavern

Based on my private conversation, it appears that things will remain still the same and I plan to contribute to CSS-Tricks for a while. But time will tell what lie ahead!