Frontity is Acquired by Automattic

Today Frontity founders Pablo Postigo and Luis Herranz announced that Frontity has been acquired by Automattic. As part of this acquisition, the Frontity team will join the Automattic and will contribute to the WordPress open source project especially in developer experience, frontend tooling, performance, and UX to the WordPress core itself, instead of doing so only for an external tool.

As part of Automattic, our team will contribute to the WordPress open source project and work closely with its community to help improve the full site editing developer experience. Pablo Postigo and Luis Herranz, founders of Frontity.

According to the announcement, Frontity Framework will continue to live on as an open source software project, available for free to everyone. The duo founders write “We have been working on leaving the framework in a stable, bug-free position, and documenting the features we were working on. Today, Frontity is stable and safe to use, and many companies, agencies, and users are actively using it in production environments”.

“Like all other open source projects, not only can you keep using the framework, but you can also make contributions to improve it. You can help make improvements by, among other things, fixing bugs, and/or working on the features or packages you want to see implemented,” add Pablo and Herranz.

Other related questions regarding this acquisition, it’s free availability and use are detailed in this Q&A page.

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