Full Site Editing with Gutenberg Block Editor

The WordPress Gutenberg block editor, released as part of the WordPress 5.0 release, in the mist of controversy last year, is celebrating its first anniversary with the recent WordPress 5.3 release. The Block editor is being development as Gutenberg plugin and major developmental versions are released for testing & feed back. At the of writing this post, its latest release is 6.9.

Improvement in Editing Features

The 5.3 release integrates Gutenberg plugin versions from 5.5 to 6.5 with bug & performance fix versions 6.6 & 6.7. All the major development versions of the plugins are covered by WP Tavern, and Justin Tadlock of WP Tavern, has put together the following list in this recent post for an easy reference.

Experimental Features

The following experimental features

Screenshot showing block editor experimental features included in 5.3 release.

Full Site Editing Features

Recently, Matias Ventura, lead engineer from Automattic, announced the customization phase of the project which focuses on full site editing and block patterns features.

Screenshot Source: Make WordPress Core.