Future of Open Internet

In the Mozilla blog, Mitchell Baker and others have an useful whitepaper titled “Reimagine Open: Building Better Internet Experiences“. They write “The internet is at a crossroads. After decades of rapid growth and global contribution to the human condition, today many are questioning the health of the internet. At such a time it is natural to examine the first principles that many consider key features of the internet as a medium.”

The whitepaper has following three sections:

  • The Early Internet and the Power of Open
  • The Open Internet Comes of Age
  • The Future of Open: 2020 and Beyond

In the conclusion, the reports authors write “Open internet designers, activists, pioneers and advocates have undoubtedly made mistakes in pursuit of a connected world. As a community, we may have been slow to respond to the accountability problems in today’s internet due to our love of the values originally enshrined in “open” and “the open internet.””

They also emphasize to ‘continue to build an internet and internet life that encourages broad-based empowerment, opportunity and participation as well as human decency and civility’.