Future of WordPress vs Jamstack Debate

Since the Jamstack popularity is slowly gaining popularity especially among developers, sharp competing views on the WordPress vs Jamstack are appearing in blog posts. On that context, a recent blog post by Netlify‘s co-founder Matt Biilmann is interesting.

Many JavaScript, Node.js, React developers find the WordPress CMS blotted and buggy, whereas WordPress CMS user community find the Jamstack too fragmented and dependent upon numerous libraries prone to break down.

Matt Biilmann, co-founder of popular static site hosting provider Netlify makes a strong case for the Jamstack and its future in Netlify blog On Mullenweg and the Jamstack – Regression or Future? even predicting end of WordPress era!

I have been learning GatsbyJs and ReactJS Jamstack frameworks recently, they are sort of fun to learn and work with. However, WordPress CMS, though obvious drawbacks, still popular CMS and I am a big fan of it too.WordPress is currently undergoing a major development upgrade with a new block-based editor, its future can’t be predicted until the current developmental phase is over.

My current interests are on headless WordPress sites using WordPress at the back-end to manage content and render the contents with GatsbyJs in the front-end, to get the best from both worlds.

In this current debate, another WordPress user Chris Coyier’s makes interesting opinion in this Weaved Webs post is worth noting.

Recently the the discussion between the Matt Mullenweg comments on the future of WordPress and Jamstack community reportedly heated up which has been covered in detail in the WordPress Tavern.

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