Future of WordPress

There are two interesting posts on WordPress worth noting. In Nellosofware blog, Antonio Villegas predicts a bright future for WordPress. In another Stackbit blog, Ohad Eder-Pressman writes an open letter to the Matt Mullenweg about the perception of WordPress lead developers about Jamstack.

A Bright Future for WordPress

In the post A Bright Future For WordPress Depends on Today’s Actions, Antonio Villegas argues that although WordPress is still the King of the content management, the future of blogging is more threatened than ever. He also makes a case for Morten Rand-Henriksen’s post Blogging is dead. Long live ephemerality agreeing with him that unless WordPress attracts younger generation, most of whom use Instagram, Twik, WhatsApp, TikTok and others to make WordPress a viable option for the future.

Jamstack – a Disruptive Inovation

Ohad Eder-Pressman of Stakbit opens his blog post An Open Letter to Matt Mullenweg with “WordPress Co-Founder Matt Mullenweg claims the Jamstack isn’t ready for prime time, here’s what he’s missing“. In the blog post Eder-pressman, who is also investor in Netlify and sits on its board, argues that “Jamstack is the newest disruptive innovation – it’s not broken or incomplete, just relatively low level and new”.

Separating content from rendering from hosting has a ton of benefits that make Jamstack websites faster, more secure, easier to scale, and have a better developer experience. Ohad Eder-Pressman

He further writes about the Jamstack : “I couldn’t be more excited about the disruptive innovation that is the Jamstack, we have most of the core concepts figured out and are feverishly working as a community to improve everything that isn’t there yet. We have folks working on making the Jamstack faster and easier, building complete Jamstack platforms, enabling A/B testing and personalization, and creating themes, workflows, plugins, etc. We came together around a single belief that is echoed from the marketing material of most Jamstack companies – Let’s make the web better.”