Gutenberg Custom Block Patterns

The Tavern blog writer Justin Tadlock has written a excellent post titled Block Patterns Will Change Everything explaining how this could a game changer. I his posts Justin explains Block patterns as “a block pattern is a group of blocks. Core WordPress, themes, and plugins will be able to register patterns with predefined settings attached to them”.

WordPress developer Rich Tabor writes in his blog post that how block patterns can be a useful tool for the theme & plugin developers with an use case example. There is also active ongoing discussion by Gutenberg team & Gutenberg contributors on how to unify the implementation, interface, and overall experience of block patterns.

Block Pattern Builder Plugin

Lat week, Justin Tadlock announced his Block Pattern Builder plugin and it is now available from the plugin directory for download and use. During the weekend, I gave it try to in my test site to create a simple foot note pattern (below) to use in my daily notes on Coronavirus pandemic to tally daily conformed cases & deaths (link to an example post).

Screenshot of block pattern “foot notes” creating with Block pattern builder.

WordPress developers are already excited about the possibilities the block pattern provides with more than 100 block patterns in this Gutenberg Hub’s template library & others like coblocks from GoDaddy.

Note: Because the Gutenberg editor is constantly evolving, block Patterns API may change in future updates.

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