Gutenberg Development Watch

This post lists selected project on Gutenberg-based project in development. This post is updated regularly, in work-in-progress.

Because Gutenberg editor will be shipped with WordPress 5.0, Year 2018 will be the year of Gutenberg development. Since Gutenberg is a disruptive innovation, it’s going to disrupt lot of currently used plugins, frameworks, ACF etc. This will force many developers and WordPress service agencies including themes and plugin developers to upgrade their products to be Gutenberg-ready!

In this post I plan to list selected development project for easy reference:

Block Development
  1. ACF-Gutenberg: An Gutenberg wrapper for ACF Fieldgroups -a proof of concepts project (under development).
  2. Gutenberg Boilerplate – by Ahmad Awais.
  3. Create Guten Block – by Ahmad Awais. A zero-configuration #0CJS developer toolkit for building WordPress Gutenberg block plugins.
  4. Gutenberg Examples – by WordPress (official). Examples for extending WordPress/Gutenberg with blocks.
Theme Development

The following three themes Fashion Blog, Handicraft & Ohana are work-in-progress Gutenberg friendly themes developed by Auttomatic ThemeShaper team members and available in GitHub.

  • WordPress – Gutenberg Theme: Official WordPress theme in development showcasing Gutenberg blocks.
  • Logical Gutenberg – by Tammy Lister. A Gutenberg inspired theme under development and used in her blog
  • Navi – by Joen Asmussen (Gutenberg Dev team member). Minimalist WordPress theme optimized for Gutenberg under development.
  • Handicraft by Caroline Moore (Automattic team). A Gutenberg-ready theme for arts and crafts businesses under development.
  • Fashion Blog – by Attomatic team. Work-in-progress Gutenberg friendly single-column theme.
  • Ohana – by Attomatic team. Work-in-progress Gutenberg friendly single-column theme.