Learn How to Use AI Tools with WordPress

The generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard ad others have been receiving a lot of attention in the media lately. Some experts have compared this new invention to the internet, cellphones, and printing press, which had a profound impact on society.

The WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg spoke with Jamie of the Pootlepress recently about how WordPress and AI are connected and how would change society.

Credit: Jamie Pootlepress

Jamie has published the transcripts of the entire interview on his website as well. During the interview, Matt told Jamie:

  • Similar to how other inventions are distributed in the World, he believes there will be more disparity in societies and companies that embrace AI.
  • The open-source nature of WordPress matches perfectly with the artificial intelligence, as they aim to gather the most creative concepts from all over the internet and turn them into a product for their community.
  • The wave of AI disruption will have a significant impact on various jobs, such as freelancers, agencies, content producers, website builders, and educators.
  • Matt says that businesses should play with AI, learn to use it, and use is to work better and find new ways of doing things.

After watching the interview, I was curious to learn how it’s currently used by the WordPress community. Therefore, I conducted a search of in the WordPress plugin directory for the plugin with “ChatGPT” word, and discovered that there is already a long list of plugins that offer AI and ChatGPT support.

Numerous individuals are currently utilizing GitHub Copilot with the Visual Studio Code editor to improve their codes. The GitHub copilot is “trained on billions of lines of code, GitHub Copilot turns natural language prompts into coding suggestions across dozens of languages”.

Rich Tabor, recently demonstrated a chatGPT created dynamic Gutenberg block, using ChatGPT. Rick’s work shows that other developers are also exploring ChatGPT and other AI tools in the Gutenberg editor ecosystem.

We should keep an eye on this latest cutting-edge tech advancement, engage in creative activities, and acquire knowledge on how to utilize it effectively in our everyday work and personal lives.