Links: Future of WordPress, Roundup #2

Occasionally, I google articles about certain subjects and keep them for my future reference. I also save article links from Twitter streams of people that I admire and follow. During this period of the year, I especially enjoy reading their year-end articles. Their writing, tutorials and other materials has helped me to carry out my projects.

Here are a few of those article links that I found were interesting:

  • WordPress, Your Hub in a Decentralized World (Remkus de Vries). In this article, Ramkus discusses the interesting idea of making WordPress as a decentralized digital hub. He writes, “Imagine that you have that hub on the internet where you can talk to your friends and share things you like. This place is your WordPress site, and it’s all about you! You can put your notes, your stories, your images, really, anything you write there. And the best part is, you can invite your friends to come visit your WordPress site and talk to you there.

  • WordPress Gold Rush? (Justin Ferriman). In this article, Justin compares blocks with plugins as a money making source for entrepreneurs. However, he thinks innovations needs to happen from the community entrepreneurs. He writes, “To be successful, the WordPress community shouldn’t look to Automattic to define the Gutenberg block market“. Justin adds: “So, is this the new gold rush on WordPress? I think it very well could be. It is still in the very early days, which is fun and confusing at the same time. We don’t know how things will play out quite yet because, well, everything is still in flux“.

Interesting stuff to look forward to!