Phoenix – A Block-based Experimental Theme

Alerted by this WordPress Tavern post, to-day I had a quick overview of Imran Sayed‘s (Codeytek Academy) Phoenix a block-based experimental WordPress, which appears to be interesting. The Phoenix theme also got encouraging review from Justin Tadlock, who writes that he is keenly watching fully block-based themes.

The theme is also more ambitious than some previous attempts by mixing static and dynamic features on the front page. Phoenix includes a header area with the standard site title and a nav menu. Below that, it adds a static hero section that users can customize.

WordPress Tavern

I have not tested the Phoenix theme yet which I plan to do shortly but based on its demo site, its layout design and Justin post, the appears to be really interesting to test. I have been keeping eye yet another block-based theme TT1 (Twenty Twenty One) as well as Armando theme.

Note: This post is still in work-in-progress and will be updated after Phoenix theme testing.