Twenty Twenty Default WordPress Theme

The WordPress Developer team announced yesterday that WordPress 5.3 will include a new default theme: Twenty Twenty. The development of Twenty Twenty theme is lead by WordPress community’s much admired developer Anders Noren. Its initial announcement was received by the WordPress community with excitement and well deserved praise for Andres’s Twenty Twenty development lead role.

The Twenty Twenty theme is based on Andres’s Chaplin theme available in WordPress theme directory. The Chaplin theme was designed with Gutenberg block editor in mind. Because of very short development time before its release with the WordPress 5.3, it’s actively being developed at GitHub. Within short time, the theme is looking good already.

WordPress 5.3 Release

The Twenty Twenty theme was released on Nov 12 as the new default theme for WordPress Version 5.3. The Twenty Twenty theme was designed “with flexibility at its core” to create contents with the Gutenberg block editor. The theme has a cover page template to “show off services or products with a combination of columns, groups, and media blocks” for business or organization sites. For a traditional blog site, content is presented in a centered column with wide or full alignment display options for dynamic and engaging layouts.

Screenshot of default Twenty Twenty theme.

The official Twenty Twenty documentation is available in WordPress support. The official Twenty Twenty demo site demonstrates examples of content presentation in a business or organization site.

Note: This post initially created with the classic editor. After the release of the WordPress 5.3 “Kirk” on November 12, 2019 & the post was updated by converting the original post to blocks with Gutenberg editor.