Twenty Twenty-two WordPress Default Theme Announced

A new WordPress default theme Twenty Twenty-two development that is expected released with WordPress 5.9 was announced yesterday. It’s development is lead by Automattic theme team members — Kjell Reigstad, design director and Jeff Ong, creative technologist. The announcement has received positive feedback on Twitter and as well as in the comments of the announcement.

Like the previous default themes, it will be developed on GitHub with participation of WordPress community members.

Screenshot of Twenty Twenty-two default theme

In his announcement post, Kjell writes that theme will be “built for Full Site Editing first,” with as CSS as possible, and all theme styles configurable through theme.json and most user customization done via Global Styles.

Twenty Twenty-Two is designed with the acknowledgement that its default appearance is not most people’s endpoint. Everyone deserves a truly unique website, built on a solid, well-designed foundation, and Twenty Twenty-Two aims to help them achieve that.”

Kjell Reigstad

“With the advent of Full Site Editing and Global Styles, themes are changing structurally and functionally to enable far more avenues for customization than users have come to expect in the past,. To take advantage of these new abilities, Twenty Twenty-Two has been designed to be the most flexible default theme ever created for WordPress,” writes Reigstad.

It’s time to follow the development process on GitHub to learn and get familiar with discussions about blocks themes and their use.