WordPress 6.1 “Misha” is Here!

The WordPress 6.1, dubbed as “Misha” with lots of goodies and new features is finally landed yesterday.

Credit: WordPress.org

Some key highlights of this new release include:

  • Twenty Twenty-Three: A fresh default theme with 10 distinct style variations
  • New templates for an improved creator experience
  • Design tools for more consistency and control
  • New features to manage menus
  • Allows cleaner layouts and document settings visualization
  • Lock setting for all inner blocks with one-click
  • Improved lists and quotes with inner blocks
  • Adding responsive text with fluid typography
  • Adding starter patterns to any post type
  • A streamlined style system for margin, padding, typography, colors, and borders within the styles engine.
  • An updated feature for styling elements like buttons, citations, and links globally; controlling hover, active, and focus states for links using theme.json.
  • Improved features for better control over full-width content. Developers have fine-grained control over these controls.

The following official overview YouTube video highlights some of the major features debuting in WordPress 6.1.

Now, it’s time time to explore some of the new features and start using in content writings!