WordPress 6.2 Beta Landed To-day

The first major release of the year 2023, WordPress 6.2 Beta 1 version, landed to-day and available for testing. According to the announcement post, it includes the following enhancements:

  • Beta label is gone—signaling that the Site Editor is stable and ready for anyone to explore, create, and experiment!
  • Distraction-free mode for a clear, focused writing experience.
  • A new Site Editor interface shows you previews of your templates and Template Parts first, so you can choose exactly where you want to start editing.
  • Scaled block settings with split controls organize your Styles and Settings options to easily find what you need—and clearly see everything a block can do. 
  • Color-coded labels help you find your Template Parts and Reusable Blocks fast, everywhere you look: in the List View, the Block toolbar, even on the Canvas.
  • An improved Navigation experience makes menus simple to create and manage—right from the block settings sidebar.
  • Patterns are easier to find and insert—with even more categories to choose from like headers and footers! 
  • A new Style Book offers one place to see all your Styles across every block, for a complete overview of your site’s design details.
  • Custom CSS support for specific blocks, or your whole site, for another level of control over how you want things to look. 
  • Openverse integration lets you pull free, openly-licensed media directly into your content as you work—along with a quicker way to insert media from your existing library.
  • Widgets become Template Parts when you switch from a Classic to a Block Theme—making the transition that much smoother.

This release is heavily focused on site editor customization (phase 2), which Matias Ventura, lead Gutenberg Project architect, describes in this Phase 2, Finale post.

Ann MacCarthy, Product Liaison lead at the Autommatic, highlights major features in this Roadmap to 6.2 post.