WordPress 6.5 “Regina”

WordPress 6.5 “Regina” was released on April 2, which included several important features, including a font library, background and shadow tools, smoother drag and drop, and improved link controls.

Credit: WordPress.org

This latest version of WordPress puts more power into the details. It offers new and improved ways to fine-tune and enhance your site-building experience, letting you take control in ways that make it your own. You’ll find new ways to manage your site’s typography, more comprehensive revisions available in more places, and a collection of Site Editor updates paired with impressive performance gains to help you get things done smoother and faster.

– Matt Mullenweg, Release Lead

You can learn more about the new features in the WP 6.5 by watching this Exploring WordPress 6.5 learn video. You can also about link editing and font library by watching Dave Smith’s YouTube videos.

New enhanced features

The WordPress 6.5 field guide lists major features and breaking changes included in this release. Some of these features include Block Hooks in 6.5, Block Bindings API, Interactivity API in 6.5, and others.

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