CSS-Tricks: WordPress Block Themes CSS and Style Settings Guide

My latest and possibly final articles in the CSS-Tricks WordPress Block Themes CSS and Style Settings Guide have been published.

Screenshot: CSS-Tricks

The article is comprised of the six-parts series:

This article series is the brainchild of Geoff. He came up with the topic while he was editing one of my other articles, and asked if I could work on it. After researching for a few months, I sent him drafts for review. He put in considerable effort, working on several revisions over months in order to improve the content and bring it into its present state.

Even though this article series has only my name in the public eye, I want to be honest and say that Geoff contributed as much or more than I did. For his contribution to this series and all the other CSS-Tricks articles, Geoff would forever remain in my heart.