Twenty Twenty-Four Default Theme Announced

Today, a new Twenty Twenty-Four (TT4) default WordPress block theme was unveiled, inviting contributors for its development. The theme is said to be tailored to suit various use cases.

Instead, three use cases were explored: one more tailored for entrepreneurs and small businesses, one tailored for photographers and artists and one specifically tailored for writers and bloggers.

The announcement says the TT4 theme, which was designed by Beatriz Fialho, is very flexible, with a multitude of its adaptability, and opening up possibilities with a few color and typography adjustment.

Credit: TT4 announcement post

The theme development is lead by Maggie Cabrera and Jessica Lyschik, as part of the 6.4 release.

A GitHub repository has been set up for contributors, and it appears to be already in the early stages of development just after its annoucement.