Looking Back Year 2016

Around this time last year, I was reading year end reviews of some hardworking entrepreneurs like Pippin Williamson, Carie Dils and many others I met online while doing research. These entrepreneurs are WordPress enthusiasts and run successful WordPress-based businesses. Since I have been learning & practicing WordPress as my side-project for almost 4 years, I was inspired by their review posts, especially how they challenge themselves to achieve their bigger goals. Following their foot steps, I too decided to set my learning & project goals for 2016.

I will be posting my 2016 review in my other site Tinjure WP (professional) with more details. In this post I am highlighting of my 2016 progress and goals for the coming year 2017.

I had set the following broad learning goals for 2016:
  • Set goals for each week in a weekly post and maintain a daily activities.
  • Write as many posts as I could, especially on my tutorial posts.
  • Learn PHP, CSS, Javascript, JQuerry & WordPress Core
  • WordPress theme development with emphasis on layout & Customization
  • Establish & contents for professional site – Tinjure WP
  • Write at least two essays

What Worked

  • Daily activities log: This project went really well exceeding my expectation. Once I got into the habit, it went smoothly. At the end of the I missed only three weeks (in Sep-Oct) when I was sick with the flue.
  • Writing Posts: I wrote more than …. posts this year, mostly my how to posts which I took time to document while doing my learning by doing projects. Many of these posts are work-in-progress while others are early drafts.
  • Learning WordPress basic: I started learning fundamentals of PHP, CSS , JavaScript & J Query but I got distracted with my theme development projects which took priority.
  • Theme development: I was able to achieve most of my initial goals and made good progress in this area. Developed a new theme Lumleflex which powers this site & new Tinjure WP site. I also develop two child themes of Lumle Flex for CPT and custom format posts.
  • Tinjure WP site: A new site has been setup with SiteGround and its contents are being organized for release in early 2017.
  • Essay writing. My goal was to write two essays but I was able to write one (good draft) but the one is still in progress.

What Didn’t Work

  • Learning WordPress basic: Although I started out well initially my theme development & learning by doing projects took priority over it. Next year achieving this goal would be my top priority.

Goals for Year 2017

Learning WordPress basic deeply with emphasis on PHP, JavaScript & J Querry, CSS will be my priority in 2017. In addition, I plan to develop one new theme to power my social connections using BuddyPress & bbpress plugins.