Twenty Twenty-Three: A New Kind of Default Theme

Starting discussion about Twenty Twenty-Three default theme, WordPress design contributor Channing Ritter proposed to have a new kind of default theme for 2023. The idea is to use a simplified version of TT2 theme as base (blank canvas) theme and modify its look with curated opinionated styles variation contributed by the WordPress community.

Style variations, which were released with WordPress 6.0, are predefined look & feel options that give users a way to drastically alter the appearance of their site without changing their theme. Default themes have always been used as a way to showcase the latest and greatest in editor capabilities, so focusing on style variations for the Twenty Twenty-Three theme seems like a nice way to continue that tradition.

Channing Ritter
Source: Proposal: A new kind of default theme

Based on the early comments, the proposal has received overwhelming positive response and many well known block theme authors have have shown their interest in participating on the development process.

Ritter told WPTavern “It would be interesting to experiment with how opinionated we could make each of the variations. Maybe one variation makes all typography on the site use a single type size in a monospaced font, while another variation uses many different fonts paired together. I think that pushing the boundaries of what can be done with the style variation format should be the goal — and we can have fun seeing what kinds of things we can come up with in the process.”

As a big fan of style variations myself, I will be keeping an close eye on the discussion and development process and will be testing locally to learn and familiarize myself when available.

Updated (8-10)

To-day a stripped-back version the Twenty Twenty-Two, to serve as a minimal base Twenty Twenty-Three theme, was announced with a GitHub repository for the contributors. Currently its very minimal, it would be an interesting project to keep an eye on to watch how its style variations develop.