WordPress 5.0 With Gutenberg

This post lists selected project on Gutenberg-based project in development. This post is updated regularly, in work-in-progress.

Despite of some very loud vocal criticism of Gutenberg integration into the WordPress core, a plan for WordPress 5 with Gutenberg release is announced yesterday. Because this is a major development & disruptive release, it is being rolled out very cautiously (with more than dozens release leads) and gradually.

This will force many developers and WordPress service agencies including themes and plugin developers to upgrade their products to be Gutenberg-ready!

5.0 Release Watch

  1. A Plan for 5.0 | Make WordPress Core
  2. Proposed WordPress 5.0 Scope and Schedule – by
  3. Technical overview of Gutenberg integration – by
  4. Gutenberg Phase 2 Leads – by Matt Mullenweg

Twenty Nineteen

Default theme for WordPress 5.0 release is being developed under the development lead of allancole.

Gutenberg Watch

Link to my previous Gutenberg Development Watch post.