Block-based Theme Watch

In a previous post, I book marked Phoenix a block-based experimental themes. Since there have been following two very interesting block-based themes have been released through WordPress themes directory:

  • Eksell: This theme is created by Anders Norén, author and lead developer of Twenty Twenty theme. The Eksell theme has received very high praise by Justin Tadlock (himself a theme author and reviewer).

Every WordPress theme author should dive into the Eksell theme. Consider it a free masterclass in building on top of the block editor. It is the standard by which we should be judging all other offerings.

Justin Tadlock, in WordPress Tavern

I am currently exploring this theme very impressed with its styling and some of the patterns included in Eksell. My only comments is that it lacks a traditional top header-menu for the desk top view, had that been included it would have been an excellent theme for my own personal use case too.

  • Michellehe: This block-based theme by developer Oliver Juhas is yet recent addition to WordPress theme directory. Like the Eksell, the new Michellehe also has received very high praise from the Justin in his review in the WordPress Tavern.

The theme is yet another showcase of what is possible with the block editor. A couple of weeks after Anders Norén’s Eksell landed in the directory, Juhas has presented the community with another quality theme. The two are entirely different in style and approach, but they both make the block system shine in their own ways.

Justin Tadlock, in WordPress Tavern

I have not tried yet this new theme yet but one interesting features of Michellehe theme is that it includes 67 block patterns. I am a huge fan of block patterns.